We design & develop
Flanagins Bulk Mail Service: Postage Calculator

Calculate your estimated Postcard, Standard, and Flat postage rates for Non-Profit, Standard, and First Class mailing.

Quantum Covers & Design: Website and Marketing

We transform any space and make it like no one else's and have it represent the event, the individuals' style and dreams.

Fronius: PV System Lifetime Cost Calculator

This tool will help you calculate the Total Ownership Cost of your PV system and the Lifecycle Costs over the next 25 years.

Lemon: Web Browser

A browser built from the ground up with a heavy focus on the design and interface.

Mango: Android App

Bring profiles to your device and auto-reply to incoming texts depending on the scenario.

Pitaya: ADB Toolbox

Universal toolbox with preset scripts and commands for using ADB on nearly all Android devices.

Chai: CLI in Golang

Cross-platform server for end-to-end encrypted communications through the command line.

Sassy fui: Flat UI Colors functions, mixins, and variables

Flat UI Colors functions, mixins, and variables for Stylus and Sass.